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MEO Companion

A digital TV Remote, designed for MEO IPTV service, to improve the TV watching experience.

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MEO Remote app revolutionizes the television viewing experience for MEO's customers by putting control literally at their fingertips. Seamlessly integrating with MEO's television services, this mobile app empowers users to effortlessly navigate channels, adjust volume, find new content to watch and manage their TV settings directly from their smartphones or tablets.

With an intuitive interface and seamless integration with MEO's TV services, customers can enjoy a personalized and effortless viewing experience from anywhere in their home. Say goodbye to traditional remotes and hello to the future of TV control with the MEO Remote app.


I assumed the following roles for this app:

  • User Research;

  • Work closely with the Front End, Back End Developers;

  • User Experience;

  • User Interface;

  • Visual Design


  • Competitive analysis;

  • Discovery Canvas;

  • User surveys and one-on-one interviews

  • Site map;

  • User Journeys and Flows;

  • Low-fidelity wireframes;

  • High-fidelity mockups and prototypes;

  • Design System and UI Kit;

  • Usability Tests

Identifying the Problems

MEO TV service, although the most advanced at the time, was constrained to the usage of the traditional TV remote. With this came some problems:

  1. There was no easy way to see what was live in all channels;

  2. There was no way to browse content by type (On Now, TV Shows, VoD, Sports, etc);

  3. There was no way to easily find and search new content

Designing the Solution

​To address this issues, the solution was to design a mobile app experience that could act as a digital TV remote, removing all the constrains the traditional one has.

  1. Put live content in a easy to access and navigate area;

  2. Have an area where uses can search all content using filters;

  3. Give users the ability to search by voice, or use a digital keyboard to type

Revolutionize the television viewing experience for MEO's customers by putting content and control at their fingertips

Creating Strucutre

The app boasts a robust and user-friendly structure tailored to enhance the television viewing experience. At its core, the app is structured on four main areas: On TV, Remote, Zapping and Discovery, allowing users to effortlessly access to their favorite content. The app's structure encompasses seamless integration with MEO's television services, enabling customers to control their TV with ease.

Creating Structure.jpg

Defining Tasks and User Flows

Defining tasks to empower users with greater control over their TV viewing experience, which has thousands of content to be discovered, is pivotal. This involves identifying key user viewing habits and actions such as selecting channels or searching for specific shows or genres to watch.

Creating user flows was key to finding intuitive pathways to guide users through the app effortlessly, from initial pairing to content discovery, selection, and playback.

Visualizing a User-Centric Experience

Through a carefully crafted interface, users can navigate channels, adjust volume, and explore additional functionalities with just a few taps. Emphasizing accessibility and efficiency, the MEO Remote app structure is designed to empower users, providing them with unparalleled control and convenience over their TV experience.


Understanding What Users Find Intuitive, and Why

Creating wireframes for the app involved meticulous planning to ensure intuitive navigation and seamless functionality. Wireframes outline the app's layout, focusing on key elements such as channel selection, volume control, and discovery of content to watch. By sketching these structures, the user interface was then refined, guiding the app's development towards a user-friendly design. The process prioritizes user needs, crafting wireframes that lay the groundwork for a smooth and efficient MEO Remote app experience.

MEO Companion all low.jpg

Creating the UI

Crafting the user interface involved a delicate balance of aesthetics and functionality. Mmeticulously select colors, typography, and icons to create a visually appealing interface, keeping the main focus on the content MEO has to offer. Each element is strategically placed to optimize usability, ensuring intuitive navigation for users. By prioritizing simplicity and clarity, the UI design enhances the overall user experience, empowering customers to effortlessly control their TV with the MEO Remote app.

MEO Remote allows for a easier user experience and simplified content discovery that doesn't require log ins and customer accounts.

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With a keen focus on accessibility, simplicity, and efficiency, Lovys app strives to create an intuitive and seamless experience for its customers.


A personalised TV experience, with faster and more direct access to users consuming habits, facilitating content discovery, rental and subscriptions.

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