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A New TV Experience

MEO aimed to provide a more personalised TV experience, with faster and more direct access to users consuming habits, facilitating content discovery, rental and subscriptions.

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A totally new TV experience with a fresh user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) aimed at maximizing engagement and usability. Using user-centric principles to reimagine navigation, content discovery, and interaction. Through intuitive UX flows and visually captivating UI elements, users are seamlessly guided through an immersive television journey.

By integrating innovative features, the new TV experience elevates MEO's service, delivering a cutting-edge entertainment platform tailored to modern viewer preferences.


As a Product Designer, I assumed the following roles for te creation of this app:

  • Work closely with the Front End, Back End Developers;

  • User Experience;

  • User Interface;

  • Visual Design

The UX & UI Team was responsible for gathering data, user and business insights to bridge the company goals with the user needs, to ensure the best UX & UI practices were applied. 


  • Competitive analysis;

  • Discovery Canvas;

  • User surveys and one-on-one interviews

  • User Journeys and Flows;

  • Site map;

  • Low-fidelity wireframes;

  • High-fidelity mockups and prototypes;

  • Design System and UI Kit;

  • Usability Tests

Identifying the Problems

After some user research through surveys and interviews, it became clear that the previous version of MEOs TV service wasn't following today's viewing habits, and customers were having some of issues, which were:

  1. Cumbersome navigation with complex menus and slow response times made finding content a hassle;

  2. No customization which led to a generic viewing experience;

  3. No clear areas to find new content easily;

  4. Difficulty in accessing features and settings;

  5. Inconsistent and outdated UI 

Needs and Expectations

After analysing all user research results, it became clear that MEOs TV service needed a complete redesign. The top solutions for that were:

  1. Create a simpler and seamless browsing experience;

  2. Provide users their preferred content through a personalized menu;

  3. Have clear areas where is is easy to find new content;

  4. Give a faster and clear access to the service settings;

  5. Update the UI 

A personalised TV experience, with faster and more direct access to users consuming habits, facilitating content discovery, rental and subscriptions.

Creating Structure

Crafting MEO's structure involved meticulous planning to organize content and streamline navigation to guide users through key sections such as channels, most viewed content, on-demand content, and apps. By prioritizing clarity and coherence, the service ensures an intuitive journey for users.


Defining Tasks and User Flows

Defining tasks and creating user flows allowed to understand how to create seamlessness and easy navigation. Intuitive pathways were mapped out for users to navigate channels and discover content effortlessly. By emphasizing logical sequences, the user flows ensured a straightforward and enjoyable journey through MEO's platform.

Visualizing a User-Centric Experience

Sketching wireframes allowed to map out intuitive layouts and functionalities, prioritizing user needs. By visually outlining key elements such as navigation menus and content discovery features, sketching paved the way for a more streamlined and engaging television interface.

Visualizing a User-Centric Experience.png

Understanding What Users Find Intuitive, and Why

Mid-fidelity prototype testing, alongside Think Alouds, allowed to better understand how users expected to complete the tasks set for the testing. Analyzing their behavior, but more importantly, having a dialogue with them about what they expected, allowed to understand which adjustments needed to be made, such as the hierarchy and placement of some components.

MEO TV Layouts Low.jpg

Creating the UI

Crafting the UI for a seamless TV experience entailed a comprehensive approach centered on user needs and preferences. Colors, typography, and layout elements were meticulously selected to ensure intuitive navigation and enhanced engagement. By prioritizing simplicity, consistency and content, the UI design facilitates effortless interaction, empowering users to explore the service with ease, ultimately delivering a more enjoyable and immersive television viewing experience.

MEO's new TV experience offers intuitive navigation, personalized content, and seamless interaction for enhanced viewing experience. 

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A digital TV Remote, designed for MEO IPTV service, to improve the TV watching experience.


A personalised TV experience, with faster and more direct access to users consuming habits, facilitating content discovery, rental and subscriptions.

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