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Lovys is the first 100% digital neo-insurance company to offer tailor-made insurance products that meet the needs of the new generations and accompany them at every stage of their lives. Lovys offers an all-in-one monthly subscription that makes it easy to subscribe to a whole range of insurance products designed for its users: home, smartphone, car, and even pets.

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At Lovys, User Experience takes center stage in the design and development of its digital insurance platform. With a keen focus on accessibility, simplicity, and efficiency, Lovys strives to create an intuitive and seamless experience for its customers. Through user research and feedback mechanisms, the UX team at Lovys continuously refines and optimizes the platform to meet the evolving needs and preferences of its users.

From the initial onboarding process to policy purchase and management and claims handling, every touchpoint is meticulously crafted to ensure clarity, transparency, and ease of use. By leveraging innovative design principles and leveraging emerging technologies, Lovys empowers customers to navigate the complexities of insurance with confidence and convenience, fostering trust and loyalty along the way.


As the Product Design Lead, responsible for the UX & UI Team, I assumed the following roles:

  • Guide the UX & UI Team on their daily tasks;

  • Review the teams' work;

  • Work closely with the Front End, Back End, Business Owners, Product Owners, Operations, Data and Marketing Team;

  • Define UX Strategy;

  • User Experience;

  • User Interface;

The UX & UI Teams was responsible for gathering data, user and business insights to bridge the company goals with the user needs, ensuring the best UX & UI practices. We are also the gatekeepers for all Lovys Experience.


UX & UI Team Deliverables:

  • Competitive analysis;

  • Discovery Canvas;

  • User Journeys and Flows;

  • Site map;

  • Usability Tests

  • Low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes;

  • High-fidelity mockups and prototypes;

  • Design System and UI Kit;


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